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Oak Burr with Jowo Homerton Fountain Pen

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A truly unique one of a kind writing instrument

This Homerton Fountain pen is made from Oak Burr

Fully lined with Diamond cast resin, called "Binary"  the same material is used for all threads and the section. makes a nice surprise when you uncap the pen. The resin is infused with real Diamond dust

This pen is one of a kind, completely hand turned. 

This pen is fitted with a Polished steel Medium Jowo nib.
I can also supply the nibs in the following sizes, Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad.

The refilling system is a Schmidt K5 premium ink convertor, but can also utilise a standard international cartridge.

The Homerton Specifics


Weight 17g,

Capped Length 150mm

Nib to Finial Length 139mm

Cap Diameter 16mm

Body Diameter 14.5mm tapering to 13.5 

Pinch point 10.5mm

Origin of the wood is UK