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Millennium Tiffany Casein Handmade Fountain Pen

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A truly unique one of a kind writing instrument

Handmade Fountain pen from Conway Stewart material called Millennium Tiffany Casein.

Conway Stewart was founded in 1905 it was eventually wound up in 1975, not being able to compete with ballpoints. Revived in the 1990's but finished in 2014 when it's materials and machinery were sold off.

This pen is one of a kind, completely hand turned, including the grip / nib section and triple start thread. 

The pen body, cap and nib section are crafted from the Millennium Tiffany Casein material giving the pen a complete look. 

Casein is in fact made with Milk Protein

This pen is pictured with a Red Laquered Medium size 6 Bock nib. But other options are available including, Red Laquer, Bi Colour, Gold Plated, Polished Steel, Rose Gold Plated and Black Laquer. 

Also pictured is the pen sporting a two tone Bock nib, choose which you would like

I can supply the nibs in the following sizes, Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Extra Broad. 

The refilling system is a Beaufort premium ink convertor, but can also utilise a standard international cartridge.